Corner House


Located in the centre of Charlbury only three minutes walk from the main car park the Corner House is the ideal venue for meetings and group activities.

Rooms available for hire:

Ann Downer Room:  Located on the ground floor and situated at the front of the building, the Ann Downer Room (dimensions 4.5m x 4.5m), is suitable for meetings of up to 20 people,  As a recreational venue there is space for up to 20 around tables, and with access to the small kitchen this is the ideal room for charity coffee mornings.  Free Wifi.


Morris Room: Located on the first floor this light filled room, 4.5m x 12m, is ideal for arts and craft classes, language classes, bridge club, etc. It is used by the Charlbury Town Council for full council meetings.  Free Wifi.


Larcum Kendall Room:  On the first floor at the rear of the building, the Larcum Kendall Room, 5m x 7m,  is suitable for meetings of up to 50 people sitting in rows, theatre style.  It is ideal for slide presentations to small audiences, and also art, educational and recreational classes.

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Other Rooms:

Jessie Clifford Room: Formerly the home of the Charlbury Library* and situated on the ground floor is now home to a new community hub for Charlbury called the Cornerstone. Set up by St. Mary’s Church with help from the Community Centre, the Cornerstone project is open for the expanded Give & Take, the Learning Café and the Place to Talk.

Expanding the Give & Take with the help of Christine Elliott and apple sharing, will allow Charlbury residents to have a year-round place to share excess local produce (look out for our daily list of fruit and veg) and continue to support our community larder. St Mary’s will continue to manage financial donations to allow purchases of fresh food for local families.

The Learning Café will be run in conjunction with the Community Centre and the Youth Team. Help on homework can be provided year round and, until the library opens again, the Cornerstone plans to host Story Time Mornings for younger children. We also have plans for the Learning Café to be a place for lifelong learning.

A Place to Talk will bring advisory services to Charlbury in the next few months. The Cornerstone is working with Citizens Advice Bureau and other service groups to give them a place to meet with Charlbury residents.

We are grateful to the Corner House for making space for the Cornerstone. The Youth Team did a great job repainting the former library space, and we are cobbling together furnishings and making bunting to add to the ambience of this new community space. Open Monday to Friday from 10am to 1pm in August and increase hours to 10am to 3pm in September.

We believe the Cornerstone can provide a base for all of Charlbury which would enable us to build a stronger community, both for those who give and those who receive. If you would like more information on the Cornerstone, please contact us at, or call us on 819253.


*Charlbury Library has relocated to the Charlbury Community Centre


Oliver V. Watney Room: This room, on the first floor, houses the Community Book and DVD Store.  All proceeds from the sale of books and DVDs goes towards the upkeep of the Corner House and Memorial Hall.  At present the bookshop remains closed to visitors. However, books may still be purchased at the Book Shop


The John Kibble Room: The first floor room is leased to the Global Health Care Information Network, a non-profit organisation established in 2005.

The HIFA Vision: “A world where every person will have access to the health information they need to protect their own health and the health of those for whom they are responsible.”

Follow the link here HIFA for more information.

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Charges per hour: Please note – prices have changed. The new prices apply immediately but for those with existing longer-term agreements the rates will only increase as from 17 April 2022.

Groups and Organisations:  

  • Anne Downer Room                              £8.00
  • Morris Room                                             £10.00
  • Larcum Kendall Room                          £10.00
  • Albright Room (Kitchen)                      £7.00
  • Corner House Garden                          £10.00
  • Ann Downer/Hall/Kitchen: Coffee mornings only – fixed price  £37.00 (From 9am-12.30 pm)

Recreational Classes and Private

  • Anne Downer Room                             £10.00
  • Morris Room                                            £12.00
  • Larcum Kendall Room                        £12.00
  • Albright Room (Kitchen)                    £9.00
  • Corner House Garden                        £16.00
  • Ann Downer/Hall/Kitchen: Coffee mornings only – fixed price  £40.00 (From 9am-12.30 pm)