Charlbury Corner House

and War Memorial Hall 


COVID-19 preparations have been completed in the Memorial Hall enabling activities that are allowed to do so to restart.

With effect from Monday 14th September further restrictions will reduce the number of activities that can take place. 

Activities which would normally take place in the Corner House will, where possible, be accommodated in the Memorial Hall.  

The Corner House, a distinctive, historic building at the very centre of Charlbury, was gifted to the town for recreational and educational purposes.

The War Memorial Hall, opened in 1956 in honour of those who served and those who lost their lives in two World Wars, is used on a daily basis for all manner of activities and events.

The two buildings are administered by the Charlbury Corner House and War Memorial Hall Charity.  The Charity is responsible for the running and maintenance of these two community assets.

Events Calendar and Room Availability